Quality Program

Our quality program overview:

There are no shortcuts when it comes to quality; we believe that our goals at All Seasons Hospice (“ASHI”) are accomplished only with a real commitment from every one of our team members and we encourage creative problem solving, an open-door policy that encourages interaction and discussion and a focus on improving that patient’s environment and quality of life at the end-of-life, in a respectful, comprehensive, compassionate, supportive, caring, and kind manner—all services provided by our staff begin and end in the spirit of our commitment to these values and beliefs and to fostering comfort and serenity, while minimizing pain. 

Our highly-skilled and dedicated physician panel and specialists, comprised of pulmonologists, cardiologists, oncologists, internists and infectious disease physicians, have specialized expertise and years of training in the care and treatment of patients who have COPD, HIV, CHF and terminal cancer and will be able to effectively manage the specialized needs of these patients. 

As many of our physicians provide emergency department support at local acute care hospitals, and are actively involved in our communities and in the care and treatment of patients in home health and skilled nursing facilities, we see every aspect of treatment, from in-hospital care through patient assessment, stabilization and therapeutic intervention, and concur with the Department that there is a real need for further evaluation of the potential improvements in patient and family satisfaction, quality of life at the end-of-life, and net savings to Medicare. 

Our community liaisons, based on their own assessment of the community while conducting their local outreach and education services, have also secondarily reaffirmed the need for this evaluate Model. We also are confident that we have the ability to carry out this initiative. ASHI provides extraordinary quality services 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, (365 days a year) including counseling, psycho-social assessment, family support, inter-disciplinary group, care coordination, and in-home transition support. 

We have an established network of skilled provider and exceptional onsite staff. ASHI believes in that our four level model design to address patient centered care, facility capabilities, community networking and method level approach will increase shared decision-making and care coordination/case management of the patient, family and his/her providers; ensures that the patient’s pain and symptoms are managed and offers appropriate levels of counseling; and address other care needs based on a comprehensive assessment and plan of care that follows our policies and procedures. 

In addition, our compassionate and well-developed nursing, social service and inter-disciplinary team are committed to providing extraordinary quality of patient care. We provide a team of 35 staff members comprised of management personnel, full-time RN’s, LVN’s, and CNA’s as caregivers, CHHA’s, social workers, case managers and community liaisons that seek to educate patients, their families, staff and the community on the availability of our hospice services. 

ASHI’s physician panel includes a total of seven community-based physicians, five of which specialize in pulmonology, cardiology, infectious diseases and internal medicine and we have two specialists in the area of oncology and cardiology who regularly meet with our patients and staff.

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